W+K Nomad Ride

Last night 20+ WKers rode for 22km in a super windy Spring night, made a round trip from our office to the bund.

This is not the first time we do the W+K night ride (#wknr), but this time is a bit special as we’re sending off our lovely fixie girl Angie to her new adventure [...]

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W+K Shanghai’s “Special Single’s Day” W+K 非同一般的”光棍节”

Love is in the air! November 11, which has been celebrated unofficially as “Singles’ Day” throughout Asia since the early 1990s, is an informal holiday for those not involved in committed relationships. However, this year’s Single’s Day, which fell in numerical harmony with 2011 to make 11/11/11, was truly special for the WKers.
Grace [...]

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Miji meets W+K Shanghai - Experimental music/film event on Sat!

Miji meets W+K Shanghai
密集 x W+K SH
Experimental Music & Indie Film Event
Sat Aug 20, 2011, 7-10pm
W+K Shanghai, 3/F, 1035 Changle Lu
RSVP: Samantha.Culp@wk.com
Kicking off a new series of creative events and collaborations, W+K Shanghai presents a Miji concert/screening this Saturday, August 20. Miji is an initiative of Beijing’s legendary SUBJAM sound/art collective, and will be an [...]

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Goodbye, Wei Wei

Last week, we said goodbye to our love Wei Wei. She will soon leave Shanghai and go to NYC for further study. In the past 6 years, Wei Wei has grown together with Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai and we are lucky to have this talented artist as part of our family.
上周我们向亲爱的Wei Wei道别。她即将离开上海,前往纽约求学。在过去的六年里,Wei Wei与我们的W+K上海办公室共同成长,很幸运我们的大家庭中能有这样一位富有才华的艺术家,与我们一同工作。
We held a farewell party [...]

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Clap Clap presents…DJ Wordy & Friends at Lune

I’ll be playing tomorrow night at Lune with a few local DJ’s and DJ Wordy (3x DMC Champion) from Beijing. Francis and Ray will also be Vjing so come by and show your support! We’re planning on bringing the house down!
明晚我将在Lune演出,一同演出的还将有一些上海本地DJ和来自北京的DJ Wordy(3次DMC冠军得主)。Francis和Ray也会担任现场的VJ,所以请大家前来支持我们。我们会把现场搞得high到爆!
4F, 218 Xinle Lu, corner of Donghu Lu
Also, if you haven’t downloaded DJ Wordy’s [...]

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Ghetto Film School Showcase Ghetto电影学校短片展映

Today, 20 students from Ghetto Film School came to our Shanghai office and showcased their 16-min short film “Caraca!”, which is a talented piece shot in Rio De Janeiro.

Program Director 项目负责人 Derrick Cameron

Ghetto Film School comes from the South Bronx that teaches storytelling to high school kids through filmmaking. W+K New York has [...]

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匡威街头派对降临上海全民狂欢!Converse Block Party In Shanghai!

Converse Block Party will be on this Saturday from 2-8pm. As WKers we never miss any opportunity to engage with local community. Hereby we warmly invite you to attend Converse’s Block Party to celebrate street culture and city pride. You can take any of your friend, family to this party.

Here come details: 时间地点别搞错
Time: May [...]

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