Xmas in Spain

After planned for two months, I finally made my little dream come true: I spent Xmas and New Year in Spain.
I only visited Madrid, Toledo, Salamanca and Ávila.

Madrid: It is a capital city you can roam and explore whole day long; I really like the Royal Palace and Prado Museum.

托雷多:它曾是西班牙的首都,直到1560. 城中到处是古建筑,犹如踏进了中世纪的欧洲。
Toledo: It was the capital [...]

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Save wild animals

ps: 一个可以降低碳排放的生活小贴士:离开公司,请关闭电脑。
The result of Copenhagen UN Climate Change Conference disappointed me a lot. I really hope all of us could pay close attention to the environmental condition around us. If the environment continues deteriorating, wild animals will be the first victim. That’s why I made the “fossil of giraffe”. I don’t want to only picture [...]

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Yaya’s last day

Today is Yaya’s last day at W+K Shanghai. It’s been such a crazy year and a half since she joined here. You’re doing a great job and brought a lot of happiness since you came here. We will most definitely miss you, yaya. XOXO~

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