W+K Battle of the Wonton Masters W+K 馄饨将之赛

I don’t know how you spent your Friday afternoon, but I doubt it was more amazing than W+K Shanghai’s Wonton Making Competition.
At noon, everyone rushed toward the third floor kitchen, either to join the competition or to spectate. Thirteen WKers competed in the “Fastest Wonton Maker” category, in which the first person who finished [...]

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Running in a Sea of Orange 跑入橙色海

I had never witnessed so many people gathered at 7:15 a.m. on a Sunday before. Thousands upon thousands of people, most of whom sported neon-orange t-shirts, arrived at the World Expo China Pavilion for Nike’s 10K Lunar Run. I, along with twenty WKers, squeezed through the crowd with our bright red W+K Shanghai banner fluttering [...]

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W+K Shanghai’s “Special Single’s Day” W+K 非同一般的”光棍节”

Love is in the air! November 11, which has been celebrated unofficially as “Singles’ Day” throughout Asia since the early 1990s, is an informal holiday for those not involved in committed relationships. However, this year’s Single’s Day, which fell in numerical harmony with 2011 to make 11/11/11, was truly special for the WKers.
Grace [...]

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