W+K Shanghai welcomes Samantha Culp as Creative Talent Scout W+K 上海纳入创意星探


W+K上海今天宣布,Samantha Culp 以创意星探的身份正式加入W+K。

Samantha 的工作是帮助我们寻求和开拓更多的创意伙伴,包括本土、区域以及国际的。涉及范围囊括网页设计师、动画设计、发明家、诗人,博客写手、电影制片等。我们希望Smanthas的到来能帮助我们提高挖掘优秀人才的意识,同样的也让他们意识到W+K上海积极拓展团队的行动力。其实Samantha对W+K来说并不陌生,在之前的匡威项目中她就有参与寻找一些中国的设计师。

“我们相信Samantha的加入能够另W+K上海更紧密地和本土创意圈联系在一起,并且激发和保持W+K源源不断的创意动力。”W+K上海ECD Nick Cohen如是说。


Samantha Culp是加利福尼亚出生、目前任职于上海的写手、馆长和顾问。大学毕业后,她曾任职于香港中文大学的文学及电影研究,同时与当地的艺术领域和文化机构保持紧密联系。她联合创立并主导了在香港火炭艺术区的联合工作室大使馆计划,并执行了很多与当代艺术及文化研究相关的跨界项目。她同时担任香港艺术机构Videotage的董事会成员,也是大型新媒体艺术计划——曹斐作品《人民城寨》的项目经理。她的写作曾发表于Artforum Online, Bidoun, TimeOut香港以及南华早报等。目前就任LEAP杂志的特约编辑。在2010年,Samantha创立了“新界”工作室,从事调研以及制片的工作。


W+K Shanghai announced to appoint Samantha Culp as the “Creative Talent Scout” today, effective immediately.

Samantha’s job is to help us discover and partner with creative talent locally, regionally and internationally. From web designers, to animators, inventors to poets, bloggers to filmmakers, we want Samantha to raise our awareness of dynamic new talent, and in turn raise that talent’s awareness of W+K Shanghai as we continue to build out our amazing team. She has worked with W+K in the pastconnecting us with all kinds of emerging Chinese artists for Converse projects.

“We believe Samantha’s join will build tighter relationship between W+K Shanghai and local creative community, inspire and help keeping dynamic creativity for W+K Shanghai,” said Nick Cohen, ECD of W+K Shanghai.

About Samantha Culp

Samantha Culp is a California-born writer, curator and consultant currently based inShanghai. After university, she taught literature and film studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where she began working closely with local art spaces and cultural institutions. From 2004-2008, she co-founded and directed Embassy Projects, a collaborative studio in Hong Kong’s Fo Tan industrial/art district, and produced numerous interdisciplinary projects at the intersection of contemporary art and cultural research. She serves on the board of directors of Hong Kong art organization Videotage, and was the founding project manager for Cao Fei’s RMB City, a large-scale new media art project. Her writing has appeared in publications such as Artforum Online, Bidoun, TimeOut Hong Kong, and The South China Morning Post, and she is currently a contributing editor of LEAP Magazine (艺术节). In 2010, Samantha established New Territories , an experimental studio for research and production.

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