AVALON - Santorini Island

What to do on a 20 hour flight? It sounds horrible, especially when you are wearing a sanitary mask the whole time.

Open the windows and the Aegean Sea appears. The curtain makes me happy.

There are lots of beaches on Santorini; red beach, white beach and black beach.

The island is narrow and quite small. It takes about 30 minutes drive from end to end. The volcano in the photo is where the island originated, and it’s still active.

Blue and White color are popular for most buildings.

Santorini looks like a ship sailing in the middle of the Aegean Sea.

Most hotels are built on the hill side. The price ranges from 50-100 euros, more from Jun-Aug. After Sep, it’s about 7 months of cold days. I believe all taxi drivers know every single hotel, but renting a car is more convenient for tourists.

How to avoid wind damage?

One of the most beautiful sunset in the world.

The nightlife is another view. I don’t like noisy places so Crystal lounge bar is always my choice. I went there almost every night to enjoy the nothing to do moments.

I have been to many restaurants in Santorini. I recommend Dimitris Seafood Restaurant located in Ammoudi Bay. Don’t miss the calamari!
最后推荐下我认为最好的餐厅,位于Ammoudi Bay的DIMITRIS。那里有我吃过最好吃的鱿鱼卷calamari.

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