Jan Chipchase in Shanghai

W+K Shanghai presents

Jan Chipchase on “Pattern Recognition”

Join Nokia’s Jan Chipchase as he discusses the challenges of exploring patterns in human behaviour, culture and technology, and the art of finding opportuntiies where they collide.

Jan Chipchase conducts design research for Nokia, bringing insights and experiences from the real world to inform & inspire the design process, and guide corporate strategy. His research has taken him across the globe, providing a unique perspective on how ideas and technologies travel. He currently works out of Los Angeles, commutes by bicycle, and spent the last eight years as Principal Scientist in Nokia’s Tokyo research laboratory. He can be found online at: @janchip.

Sunday, July 19
7:30pm to 9:30pm
W+K Shanghai
3/F, 1035 Changle Lu (near Wulumuqi Road)

Talk will be in English, with Chinese translation. Discussion to follow.

Attendance is limited. Please RSVP to panthea.lee@gmail.com.


Jan Chipchase与他的识别模式

加入诺基亚Jan Chipchase讲座,与他一起探讨观察人类行为,文化与科技模式过程中所存在的挑战,发现这三者相互碰撞出火花的艺术。


2009年7月19日 周日
晚上7:30至 9:30
W+K 上海

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