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上海手表厂于1955年成立,制造超过一亿两千万块手表。上海牌手表风行六十年代, 伴随着毛主席,周恩来, 邓小平等国家领导人巡查国情, 访问友邦, 是当年中共领导人报时的威信品牌。W+K上海,多元化创意工作室JELLYMON携手上海手表厂合作推出“老乱”特别款,旨在重温上海牌手表的光辉文化历史的同时注入今日上海的年轻元素。设计师特意隐藏了“老乱”二字在手表背面,上海方言中作“特别酷,特别厉害”解。


Set up in 1955, the Shanghai Watch Factory has produced over 120 million watches, which have been worn by luminaries such as Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping and Zhou Enlai. With Wieden + Kennedy? Shanghai and multi-discipline creative practice Jellymon, it has produced 5 fresh designs, adding bold silver and gold and a modern Chinese attitude to a watch that has been resurrected from the archives. On the back of the watch you’ll find the Chinese characters 老乱 (Pronounced “Lao Leow”) which translate literally in Mandarin as “Old Disorder” and Shanghainese slang roughly as “Fucking Cool”.

The watch was recently launched worldwide at a limited of 100 pieces of each design. For more information about the Lao Leow Shanghai Watch and where to buy it, please check out

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  1. ~V Says:

    Where could I find one? I was told they have all been sold out in Shanghai.

    I really want the one with the fingers! The design’s awesome!

    Posted on November 5th, 2009 at 1:09 am

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