W+K London: Make (and Sell!) your own Kaiser Chief’s album 打造专属你的Kaiser Chief音乐专辑,(再卖出去)!

What started as a casual conversation between W+K London creative Oli Beale and Kaiser Chief’s lead singer, Ricky Wilson, has finally come to fruition as a new music distribution experiment for the Kaiser Chief’s latest album.
W+K伦敦的创意人Oli Beale和Kaiser Chief乐队的主唱Ricky Wilson经过一席交谈,终于达成了为Kaiser Chief的最新专辑尝试一次新的发行方式。

The idea essentially is to empower music fans to become A&R’s.
Fans get to pick 10 songs [...]

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小贵宾Poodle Loop

W+K伦敦为Nokia N8手机制作了一个可以让你随时随地创作音乐的应用程序。这个应用程序超级容易上手,所以即使是没有任何音乐背景的人也可以很轻松的做出有趣的音乐。下面这段视频是他们上个月在上海一个贵宾狗美容店里拍摄的,很有爱喔~
As a part of the Nokia N8 launch campaign Wieden + Kennedy has created a mobile app that lets you make music anywhere, with anything. We made the app super easy to use, so even people with no musical ability can easily make a track.

你可以将自己创作的音乐设置为铃声,或是分享给facebook上的朋友们!最有趣的是,这个应用程序叫loop,而这家贵宾狗美容店的店名刚好叫Poodle Loop。
Once a loop is made, it can [...]

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